Roger Williams university

About UniCard Points
UniCard Points are used to purchase on-campus and off-campus goods and services through a declining balance system with your Roger Williams University ID card. UniCard Points can be used at all on-campus food services locations, the campus bookstores, laundry machines, vending machines and Health Services. Students, faculty and staff may purchase UniCard Points at the Bursar’s Office located on the first floor of the Administration building with cash, check, money order, American Express, Master Card and Discover Cards.


What is the UniCard Points program?
UniCard Points is a declining balance system in which money is placed on the Roger Williams University ID card which can be used at all on-campus food service locations, the campus bookstores, laundry machines, vending machines, Health Services and at many participating off-campus locations.

What is the difference between the dining plan and UniCard Points?
The dining plan has meal points that are added with the meal plan selected and can only be used on-campus.  The meal points are for the semester and are not refundable unlike the UniCard Points which are refundable.  The meal points can only be used for on-campus dining, while UniCard Points  are used just like cash at many  on and off-campus locations.

How can I add funds to my UniCard Points account?
Students, faculty and staff can make a deposit at the Bursar’s Office, the ID Office, or by calling the Bursar’s Office at 401-254-3520.  This option is based solely on the individual's discretion and no account limits are set.

Where can I use UniCard Points on campus?
Currently the UniCard Points plan is accepted at all food service locations, campus bookstores, laundry machines, vending machines, and Health Services.

Where can I use UniCard Points off-campus?
Click HERE for a list of participating locations.

How much should I deposit each semester?
There is not a certain amount that has to be deposited on the UniCard Points account. It is strictly at your discretion.

What happens if I lose my ID Card?
If your I.D. card is lost or stolen you should first report it to the UniCard Office located in The Commons or call ext. 3874 immediately.. When a replacement card has been issued the old card is deactivated and all UniCard Points funds are transferred to the new card.

Are there any restrictions on what I can buy with UniCard Points?
Yes- you may not purchase gift cards, alcohol or tobacco products using UniCard Points, no exceptions for those over 21 in age.